David J. Meinhardt- DJM Studios | 3-D "Phantograms"

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The newest and most exciting 3-D photographs today are known as “Phantograms.” These images are specially produced Red/Cyan Anaglyphs that when used with 3-D glasses and placed flat on a table seem to rise straight up off the page like a pseudo hologram.

Free 3-D Glasses (Red /Cyan) available from: http://www.rainbowsymphony.com/freestuff.html

How 3-D Works-brochure

Generally when viewing Phantograms the page is placed on a Horizontal flat surface such as a table. The image is then viewed at a 45 Degree angle using the Red/Cyan Stereo Anaglyph glasses. The body should be square to the bottom of the page.

Try placing your hand or a 3-D object on the page next to the printed area and watch the image rise up like a Phoenix from the ashes.

As it is difficult to have a flat horizontal image on the computer screen, you will not get the full effect of the illusion, however you will still be able to see much of the depth of the image.

Purchased images when printed will have the full effect.
Phantogram - 55 ChevyPhantogram - SconcePhantogram - Stereo 3-D CameraPhantogram - Mystery ClockPhantogram - Microphone D9Phantogram - StereoscopePhantogram - Frosted BowlPhantogram- Virtual ChessPhantogram - Sconce -phanto 11Phantogram-  Skyscraper Clock -phanto 33Phantogram - AGFA Camera - phanto 36Phantogram - Monarch Microphone - phanto 79Phantogram - Yellow Pepper - phanto 68Phantogram - Shure Uniplex Microphone - phanto 83Phantogram - Edison Cylinder Record and Case - Phanto big14Phantogram - Softball - phanto big 20Phantogram - Freaky Glass Head -Phantogram - Old School Camera -phanto 16Phantogram - Frosted Glass Vase - Phanto 6