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Infrared Photography

Most photos are taken in the visible light spectrum (400-700 nm), i.e. the light that we can see. There is a complete other world of light that humans cannot directly perceive. IR images run the gamut from unusual to surreal. Most unmodified cameras cannot capture this IR range. For most of my Infrared work I use a Canon 400D camera that was modified by the “Life Pixel” company. This IR Conversion allows the camera to capture light above 720nm, resulting in some very striking images. Often times the sky becomes black or dark brown and certain shades of green become white.

None of these photos are "Photoshopped"
Infrared "Wisconsin State Capital"Infrared "Church"Infrared "Blacksmith Ghost"Infrared "Split Rail"Infrared Monochrome "Find the squirrel"Infrared "Lighthouse"Infrared Monochrome "Mississippi Bridge"Infrared "Flooded Field"Infrared Negative "Outhouse from Hell"Infra Red Governor Dodge ParkInfrared Capital w/flowers